Health & Nutrition

At Chestnut Children’s Center, learning happens in the classroom, but also on the playground, at snack time—even in the bathroom! We spend a lot of time teaching kids about healthy eating, the joys of being active, and the importance of keeping germs at bay.

Healthy Eating

  • Morning and afternoon snacks (for Toddler 1 and up) always have a fruit or vegetable plus a healthy treat
  • All classes have modules on establishing good eating habits
  • We encourage parents to pack a nutritious lunch for all-day students
  • We of course allow special treats for birthdays and other special occasions
  • Certain classrooms are peanut-free. We work closely with parents to successfully manage allergies


  • Being active is part of every child’s day
  • Our outdoor spaces encourage gross motor play for all levels
  • When the weather’s bad, our indoor Big Rooms take the place of the playground

Staying Healthy

  • We maintain updated health and immunization records for all children and staff and follow state guidelines for reasons for exclusion
  • Children are taught the importance of washing hands and other healthy behaviors
  • Our staff regularly disinfect equipment, toys, tables, and other spaces to minimize the spread of germs