A Welcoming Space

The Chestnut Children’s Center carefully designed age-appropriate classrooms to suit the particular needs of children at different stages in their young lives. All of our rooms feature child-sized facilities to encourage independence. Windows are lower to the ground so small faces can peer out at the surroundings. Fresh air is re-circulated throughout the Center every 30 seconds. And with a health and safety program second to none, every outlet, every door, every window was designed with children in mind.

Infant Rooms

A warm, safe, and stimulating environment that fosters physical and cognitive development and social-emotional growth.

Toddler One and Toddler Two

Toddlers enjoy a variety of new learning and playtime activities, which help them explore the changing world around them.


Through Circle Time, indoor and outdoor play, and plenty of quiet time, pre-schoolers enjoy a wonderful hands-on learning experience.


Our pre-Kindergarten rooms offer more choices for independent play while also encouraging cooperative play and learning time.


Our "big kids" room is filled with computers, book, writing journals, books-on-tape listening stations, and plenty of toys and games for both interactive and independent play.

Inside and Out... It's Time To Play

Kids and play go together like…peanut butter and jelly. So we make sure children of all ages have plenty of time to have fun, be silly, run around, and act like, well, a kid. (photos of play areas)

Our Big Rooms are cheerful, welcoming spaces filled with age-appropriate toys and games. Each room is equipped with tumbling mats, riding toys, sports equipment--everything your child needs to have fun.

Outside, our well-equipped play yard boasts swings, a climbing structure, sandbox, and slide in a safe, fenced-in environment.