Toddler 1&2

Our Programs - Full Day - Toddler 1&2

The toddler years are filled with transitions, triumphs, and trials for children and their parents. Our Toddler One and Toddler Two programs are designed to help guide your child through this stage with love, encouragement, and understanding.

Toddler One   One-year-olds

For younger toddlers, our goals are to increase socialization skills, reinforce language skills, and improve their physical dexterity.

Toddler Two   Two- and three-year-olds

Older toddlers enjoy a variety of new learning and play-time activities, which help them explore the changing world around them while supporting their independence, creativity, and self-esteem.

For all toddlers, exploration is encouraged through multi-sensory experiences using such tactile media as finger paints, shaving cream, Play-Dough, and water. Our teachers introduce the concept of curriculum themes at this stage, reinforcing them through books, music, art, and stories.